2013 - Bringing us up to date!

So, it's the beginning of May 2013, and time to settle down to two weeks of Euro frivolity and mirth, but before I head off to the fabulous city of Malmo in Sweden I thought I'd better update you with what's being going on so far in 2013...

In February I attended the ever fabulous Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, where we saw the plucky little Norwegians pick what was ultimately to become my absolute favourite entry in the whole of this year's Eurovision.  Margaret Berger is the stunning blond Ice Queen who's carrying Norwegian hopes to neighbouring Sweden, and I caught up with her on the night before she won the ticket.

In March I went over to Melodifestivalen in Sweden, to see the home nation select their song for Malmo.  The song they picked wasn't brilliant, so let's just listen to Margaret instead...

Then last month I attended the excellent Eurovision In Concert, where 25 of this year's acts performed their songs to an audience of 1,500 eager Eurofans in Amsterdam.  Myself and Elaine managed to interview around 10 of the artists, including the very gorgeous Nodi (who sings with a lady not called Big Ears) from Georgia and the unbelievably cute Gianlucca from Malta

Before the rehearsals even start I'm going to stick my neck out and say that Georgia is the one to beat.  A superb song, written by last year's winning writer from Sweden, this has all the elements of a Eurovision great...

Lovely little Gianlucca's song is too cute for words (rather like himself), and I think this is also a contender...

Denmark remains the huge bookies' favourite, but I just don't see the appeal.  It starts with a bloomin' tin whistle, for Gawd's Sake!!!

Anyway, she wasn't in Amsterdam, cos she was doing her nails that night, but here are just some of the other lovelies we met...

Israel (and that's Macedonia looking well chuffed above!)

So, that's us up to date... I fly to Copenhagen on Friday afternoon, and then move on to Malmo on Sunday for the rehearsals beginning on Monday morning.

More from me when I'm there!  Ciao for now. 


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