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What a FAB result last night!  I may only have correctly predicted 8 out of the 10 finalists, but I was really chuffed to see Hungary make the cut, and that every single one of my Top 5 songs prior to coming here have made it to the final.
Brilliant to see the fabulous Krista from Finland getting a place in the final!  She got one of the biggest cheers in the hall last night, along with the Mega Margaret from Norge!

Talking of Norway, guess who got on TV waving the Norwegian flag straight after the song was finished...

Ooh! Fame at last....  But we do look rather ecstatic, don't we?

Before going along to the show we attended the OGAE (Old Gays that Adore Eurovision) UK party.

Richard Arnold from ITV's Daybreak was there doing a piece that apparently went out this morning focusing on why so many of these men were in Malmo without their wives...

Here's me with David and Rob, two lovely Northern lads who are obviously too young to have wives.

Please note that I was wearing my Nodi & Sophie t-shirt for last night's semi, and of course the big news for them was that


Not only did they make the final, but they got a plum draw too, singing 25th out of 26 songs (and straight after my other fave, Norway at 24).  Things are looking very good for our heroes on Saturday!

For those of you who won't have seen the running order yet... here it is in all it's glory
  1. France
  2. Lithuania
  3. Moldova
  4. Finland
  5. Spain
  6. Belgium
  7. Estonia
  8. Belarus
  9. Malta
  10. Russia
  11. Germany
  12. Armenia
  13. The Netherlands
  14. Romania
  15. United Kingdom
  16. Sweden
  17. Hungary
  18. Denmark
  19. Iceland
  20. Azerbaijan
  21. Greece
  22. Ukraine
  23. Italy
  24. Norway
  25. Georgia
  26. Ireland
I'm a little bemused by the France/Lithuania opening, as I thought the object of placing songs in a specific order rather than doing a random draw was to engage and draw in the viewer...  One look at this pair and I fear half the UK will be off to Britain's Got (Very Little) Talent! 

Bonnie is singing 15th, which is good, as she's away from the big bunch of favourites at the end, and straight after bonkers Romania (which will make our song sound like a masterpiece), and just before Sweden, meaning that the cheer she gets at the end will be even more amplified!!!

However, there we have it.  I'm off into the press centre shortly to watch the first full run through of the show, and then my gorgeous husband arrives at tea-time to whisk me away from this Euro-bubble I've been living in and bring me back to reality!  



  1. Yay, we're super happy Hungary made it too. But whatta shocker to lose all of Balkan. Hope to see you lovely fellows around!

  2. Haba Haba hujaza kibaba.

    Vote Belgium.


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