Semi Final 1 - My Predictions

OK, so the first big day is finally here, and this evening we'll know which ten songs from Semi Final 1 are going forward to be performed in Saturday's Grand Final.

This is a strange year, as many folk I've spoken to here think that Semi one is by far the stronger Semi whilst others (myself included) think that the second Semi is streets ahead in terms of quality... (my Top 4 songs all come from the second show).

Anyway, I think tonight has potential to stage one or two upsets and whilst these are not the ten that I would want to go through, here are the ten songs that I predict will qualify tonight:

  • DENMARK (Still the bookies' fave - but I STILL don't get it!)
  • RUSSIA (this was FABULOUS yesterday... first time I've seen it as a contender)
  • UKRAINE (despite the giant!)
  • NETHERLANDS (I think this may even win this Semi!  Amazing performance)
  •  MONTENEGRO (I think the song is vile but it's going to pick up lots of Balkan votes plus those from non-traditional Euro fans.  The whole astronaut thing just works!)
  •  BELARUS (The biggest and best cheese-fest in this Semi, if not the entire contest!  It's camp, frothy, cheap, trashy and EVERYTHING that Eurovision is to me!)
  • MOLDOVA (this has come WAY up in rehearsal, and I think they could be Top 10 on Saturday.  A very strong performance!)
  • SERBIA (Nowhere near as strong as it was in it's national final, but will alo pick up loads of Balkan votes - and besides, I love it!)
So there we have it.  Let's see how close these predictions are to the real thing.  I'd love to see Estonia qualify, as it's one of my favourite songs in this Semi, but I can't really see it.

I need to go and get my glad rags on now, though, as Elaine and I have been invited to a very exclusive reception with a certain delegation...  You can expect to see us as the Green Room hosts next year in Tibilisi!!!

Pictures from THAT later!


  1. thanks god i´m not the only one who dosen´t get the hype about the Danish FanWank.

  2. 7 out of 10...not too bad.


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