Former Yugoslav Entry From Macedonia

Dear EBU
Regarding our entry for Malmo.  You know how we had a really fab song, and then ditched it cos "them upstairs" weren't too chuffed with it?...  and you know how we submitted a different song back in March and told you that would definitely be "the one"...
Well, we were wondering if if would be if OK if we sing a slightly different song again in Malmo, with a completely different backing to the one we gave you to pop on the official album, and although we said we'd sing in our native language, we'll actually sing in English, if that's OK?
Oh, and we may actually change it so that it sounds much more like the original song that we ditched, cos apparently all the queens round Europe are going mental for that one...
And, if it's OK with you, we might actually make it a ballad, instead of up-tempo...
Oh, and we might just represent Montenegro instead of FYROM, if that's OK?
Lots of love
Esma and the Speccy Bloke


  1. Doesn't that make it (polite cough) an infringement of the governing principles of the contest?


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