There's a HUGE vibe building around the UK's Molly!

OK, for the very first time this morning I finally GOT the hype that's building around the UK's song!  For the past few days I've been amazed by the number of artists and delegation members that have said that the most likely winner this year is Molly!

This morning I saw her rehearse for the first time (I missed her run through the other morning), and I was completely blown away by how good it sounded, and how great the staging was.  Then, during her second press conference, which she handled so eloquently and professionally, she had to draw to find out which half of the running order she will sing in...  The roar that erupted from the assembled fans and press as she revealed the slip saying "SECOND HALF" was deafening!

So, let's see what happens on Saturday - we're now assured a great position in the running order, and she is moving further and further up the bookies' odds.

OMG - Exciting!!!   Woo Hoo  #TEAMMOLLY


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