A (late) review of the songs rehearsed on Wednesday

Well, Wednesday started fabulously with the wonderfully glamorous and talented Conchita Wurst from Austria.  She belted her Bond-theme styled number out of the ball-park and somewhere into the stratosphere, and then this happened...

Then things went downhill rapidly... with the exception of Greece virtually EVERY other performance was either average, or down-right bad!

So, for the sake of simplicity, here are some short opinions on each along with a nice photo! 

Lithuania - Song - trash, beard - welcome addition (not on her, obvs)

Finland - the most boring bunch here.. Song was dull as ditch water, and their faces say it all!

Ireland - My Big Fat Irish Gypsy Wedding.  All she could say at her press conference was how "Amayyyzin" everything was...  She was orange, had 2 inch white fingernails and spent her entire photo opp with her hands on her hips like someone she's seen on some cheap trashy "Top Model" show... she'll be back on benefits before the week is out. Three words, baby - Trailer Park Trash!

Belarus - Cheesy.  Cakey.

Macedonia - Performance is OK, but please lose the dancer.  Too over the top.  She's a complete riot, though!

Switzerland - As someone once said, "mad whistling loon playing his fiddle". No!

Greece - The only other good performance of the ENTIRE day!  Now this WAS very strong.  I've no idea why they decided to include a Greek Olympic Gymnast doing a trampoline routine behind the band, but then the song is Rise Up, so why not?

Before we leave Greece, though, I though you might like to avail yourself of the deep, powerful and moving lyrics from the rap part of the song, as written and performed by Mr Risky Kid...

The best bit about Slovenia was when the singer/flautist told the assembled press that she likes to do "dirty things" with her flute!  Madam!!!

Romania was dreadful.  Horrible stage gimmicks, dreadful singing... the first run through was met with raucous laughter in the press working area, much to the astonished chagrin of the Romanian delegation who were watching.  Of course they will qualify, they have a 100% qualification record, but this is seriously dodgy!


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