No Nordic Party (!) BUT, Fab interview with upcoming Starlet!

OK, so I didn't score a coveted ticket for Saturday's Nordic Party... Boo!!!  But who cares.  It's not even as if I like any of their stupid songs anyway (apart from my No 1 - Sweden,  my No 8 - Denmark, my No 11 - Norway and my No 17, Iceland)...  So let's just gloss over that and rudely stick out tongues out at those who did get in...

Bitter, moi?

So instead, lets just have a look at some of my lovely photos from the last few days' mammoth run of rehearsals for the Semis, before reading an in depth interview with Ireland's starlet...

(Axel having a particularly jolly time)
(András brought his teddy for comfort)
(oh look, there's Maltese Wayne...yum!)
(the lovely Georgians!)
(Poland, celebrating equality and stomping out sexism)
(it really is all about the music in Poland...)
 (Belarus - cheesy and cakey)

And finally, a short interview with Ireland's very glamorous Kasey Smith...
DE:  Morning Kasey, how's it going?
KS: Oh My God, it's just like amaaaaayzin'
DE: and how are the rehearsals going?
KS:  Dat stage is amaaaayzin, I just stumble around it without a clue where I'm goin' like and da whole thing is just like amaaayzin'
DE:  I'm loving your whole Gypsy Wedding look, who inspired that?
KS: Well, I seen it on da TV like, and I jus' tought it looked amaaaayzin' so I just like went for it.  Do ya like me nails?
DE:  Yes.  They're amazing.


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