The Opening Reception and Afterparty!

So, yesterday evening all of the delegations were invited to a swanky reception in Copenhagen Town Hall, and they all made their entrance via an Oscars-style red carpet.  Here are some of the fabulous frocks and glorious divas...(all pics in this section ©EBU)

The Pollapönk boys from Iceland went all Conchita!
Conchita looking FIERCE!!!
Our Molly looked fab!
My lovely Georgians - always happy and smiling!
Dapper Axel and "Mother"!
Vamos Ruth Lorenzo!!!
For some reason Moldova tunred up dressed as Baroness Schröder from The Sound of Music!
Goddess (again!!!)
De Amaaaaayzin' Kasey from Oireland.  "Oi heard der was lots of men here so I put on me nails an' got me boobs out... It's just amaaaaaayzin!"

We got to watch all the proceedings from the Euroclub, where many of the artists came after they'd drunk all the champagne and scoffed their canopés.

Finally, for this update, I though I should share my attempt at pouting with the Polish Milk-churn Maid and Washer Woman...of course, it's ALL about the music, acceptance and tolerance...


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