Bem Bom and Semi Final 2 Predictions

Well, last night we saw Sanna being interviewed at Eurofan Café and then singing an acoustic version on Undo, which was superb!  I then joined the OGAE International party for a bit of a boogie to some fab Euro faves - including Bem Bom, which for those uninitiated, is my all time fave ESC entry - Portugal 1982.  In fact, it's so fabulous that you can listen to it right now...

I bumped into lots of friends, icluding the lovely Guri and Astrid from Norway, who were completemting me on my Norwegian when I was on their Melodi Grand Prix in March!

As I was leaving I bumbped into Thomas from Belfast and he insisted that I joined him and his mates for a late night drink at Never Mind (a whoopsie bar that plays non-stop Eurovision - how fab is that?).

So I got home just before 4am...

Anyway, beofre I get carried away, I best get on with my predictions for tonight's second Semi Final.  I fully exepct Greece to win this one by some margin, so strong is thier performance.  They may also win on Saturday, but I'm just hoping that Conchita gets through tonight and then has wall-to-wall coverage all day tomorrow and Saturday, so that she has a huge momentum behind her going into the live final.

So, these are the 10 that I'm predicting for this evening;


I'll be back with reactions in the morning! (and possibly another sore head, LOL!)


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