Parties and more rehearsals...

On Thursday we had a day off...  Apparently May Day (1st) is a national holiday in Denmark so they made the decision not to hold and rehearsals that day (which is why all of our other days have been significantly longer this year).

I used my time well, though, as I'd been contacted by The Scotsman the previous evening and asked if I could submit my piece on Friday morning, to give then time to set it and get it printed in the supplement for next weekend's paper.  The supplement is actually printed at the beginning of the week, which is why I had to have the finished article to them over a week before it'll hit the newsstands.

Anyway, it's written, and that then meant that we were able to spend the rest of the day attending the Latvian, Icelandic and Georgian parties!

Latvia's venue was a tea-room in the Museum of Copenhagen!  Quaint.  So instead of the usual alcohol we were served tea and cakes - well their song is called Cake To Bake after all!
The lovely Latvians entertained us with cute little songs about Lats (their old currency) and other things.  Armenia, Albania, Estonia and Lithuania were also there...
That's the lovely Hersi from Albania - so tiny that she could almost fit in my pocket!

After the cakes were baked and we'd polished off the tea it was on to Iceland and the fabulous beardy boys of Pollap√∂nk!  This was held in the home of the Icelandic Ambassador, which was stunning.  The reception was held in their conservatory and garden (the swimming poll had been covered over for the occasion!).
This time there was lots of beer and red wine, and nice food too!  Their meatballs were delicious...

And then we moved on to the very select gathering in the Georgian Embassy (with only a handful of other press/fans).  I'm great friends with Tinatin of the Georgian delegation and she always invites me along to whatever they are doing - she's such a sweetie!

I met their parachutist!!!  He's called Alexander (whether he's Great or not, I don't know, but he's VERY Georgian).
As you will see from my glass, we had finished all the Georgian red wine by this point and had moved on to another Georgian speciality, Chivas Regal...  However, we were able to phone my old (and sadly missing) mate Elaine Dove and let her "participate" in the festivities too - she was sorely missed!

The party finished around 8.30, and after a bit more food I decided to call it a night and fell into bed.

Yesterday morning my head was sore...

We had a full run through of all the songs in Semi 1 yesterday and it was a LOOOOONG day.  We didn't finish here in the press centre until after 9.30pm!  However, it was a good day, and there were some more great performances.  We also got to go into the hall for the first time and see the set in all it's glory...  It's Bloody Brilliant!!!  Possibly my favourite Eurovision set EVER!  Take a gander...

 Stage pics © EBU

Sweden's Sanna was simply stunning - but you know I'm biased, so I'll just show you a couple of pics of the lovely Latvians and Icelandic boys instead!

More from Eurovision Island soon (including my stint filming with the BBC this morning for a fun bit in one of the two Semi Finals on Tuesday and Thursday!).

Enjoy your Saturday


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