Fun at Tivoli before some final predictions

Simon arrived last night and we took him out to Euroclub to see what our evening haunt for much of the past week was like.

Today we went with Robin and Charlie to Tivoli Gardens, the world famous theme park right next door to our apartment in the very centre of Copenhagen.  There, we met up with David and Hass and also Howard and Anita...

We had a grand walk round, and enjoyed trying on some wigs!

We had a nice meal and all made our predictions for tonight's show.

So here are so of the songs that I think will make the Top 10, but not quite the Top 3...

Despite being the early favourite the vibe seems to have moved away from Armenia.  I still love the song, but I think lower Top 10 is likely.

Ruth Lorenzo is performing brilliantly for Spain, and I'd love them to win, and I think Top 5 is possible.

There is a HUGE vibe building around the Dutch country and western style song.  It's great, but would make a very downbeat winner.  The buzz is that they will make the Top 5, and possibly Top 3.
Our very own Molly has a great chance of going Top 10, possibly even Top 5 tonight.  It's a confident and professional performance, and we're on last in the running order...

However, here is my personal prediciton of how I think the Top 3 will finish this evening...

Hungary is a superb, issues based, pop song delivered brilliantly.  I'd be delighted of AndrĂ¡s did win, but I'm predicting 3rd place.
You all know by now that Sanna from Sweden is my favourite song in the contest.  She's still very slightly ahead of the rest of the field with the bookies and will start tonight as the favourite to win.  If she does win I'll be a blubbering wreck all over again - just like I was in Stockholm when she won MF!  I'd LOVE her to win, but I'm predicting 2nd place.
There is no doubting that the biggest story in this year's Eurovision has been the fabulous bearded lady from Austria, Conchita Wurst.  Now, I've said since before I left Scotland that Conchy was going to win, and after witnessing the reaction in the hall on Thursday night - which is unlike ANY I've ever heard in 25 years of coming to the contest - I really think there can only be one winner tonight...



So, there you have it... I think it's going to be close, but providing one of these two ladies wins, then I'm going to be one very happy chappie!  Good luck to all 26 competing nations, and wherever you're watching, enjoy the 59th Eurovision Song Contest!


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