...and I'm back!!! (with apologies to Margaret Berger!)

Sorry for the lack of service yesterday!  I got a call from The Scotsman wanted me to turn around thier piece for them very quickly, and as there were no rehearsals I took the opportunity to use the morning to write.  It's all done and filed now, and will be appearing in the weekend supplement that comes out on the day of the contest, a week on Saturday (May 10).  The magazine is printed early next week, so they needed the completed piece by today to give them time to set it and select the photos and layout.  It should make a nice two page article!

The rest of yesterday was filled with parties... Latvia, Iceland and my beloved Georgia... and there will be a full report on those later, but in the meantime here's a picture of the shuttle bus we use to get to and from Eurovision Island...and yes, it DOES say Tourist Fart!

I'm about to start writing a full account of Wednesday's rehearsals, but here, for your delectation and delight is a picture of the lovely Suzy from Portugal, and me. Being purple...

And, before I leave, I couldn't go without subjecting you to myself and my Irish mate Garrett murdering poor Margeret Berger the same night in Euroclub!  Watch for DQ, our lovely karaoke hostess, in the background...

Someone asked if Margaret Berger married Jonathan King, would she become Margaret Berger-King?


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