About last night...

OK, so call me biased, but for me this is just about one of the best performances I have EVER seen on a Eurovision stage!  Sanna's performance was nothing less than SENSATIONAL!!!

Those of you watching in the UK won't have seen this very funny short film about tourists in Copenhagen, with presenter Pilou as a tour guide.

So, I got 8/10 with my predictions... Nobody here predicted the shock San Marino qualification, but absolutely delighted for Valentina and for them!  This will keep them in the contest.  Same with Montenegro...

I'm gutted that we lost Latvia, though, as I loved the song and really thought it was in with a chance of qualifying.  Sadly, this means we're now probably going to lose Latvia from the fray...  They said this was their "make or brake" year.

I'm also a bit sad that Portugal didn't go through, even though she hadn't been one of my predictions.  The reception she got in the hall was amongst the loudest of the night.

BUT... my fab and mad beardy boys from Iceland made it!  YAAAAY!!!

The two I didn't predict were San Marino and The Netherlands.  I really like the Dutch song, however, so that was a nice surprise.

Poor Axel from Belgium... his Mother will be distraught.  And Ruslana must be feeling a bit daft too... "if you pick this song, you WILL win in Copenhagen!"

Ah well, c'est la vie!


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