I qualified for Saturday's Grand Final!!! (and my predictions for tonight)

So there I was yesterday afternoon, quietly making my way over to the arena to watch the first full run through of the first Semi Final, when I bumped into Russell and Roy, two British friends who are part of the Macedonian delegation.

As we walked into the hall Russell said "oh come on, let's sit and watch this from the Green Room" (which is right in the middle of the arena, and where all the artists sit as the votes are coming in).  We'd only just sat down when one of the production crew came up and asked us if we would mind being "stand ins" for the Albanian delegation at the end of the show, as the envelopes are being opened and the finalists are announced.  We were delighted to help out and then sat excitedly watching the show waiting for out big moment in front of the cameras...
At the end of the show as the envelopes were opened we had to sit there looking all nervous and pensive, then the presenters said, "and the next country to qualify for Saturday's Final is.... ALBANIA!!!"

We screamed and hooted and jumped up and down waving our Albanian flags as our faces were beamed out all over the auditorium and in the Press centre.  We were then lead down through the green room and waved at loads of excited Danish schoolchildren who were in to make up the audience.  Next we were all (the 10 "qualifiers") taken up onto the actual stage and "high fived" by the presenters who told the audience that they would see us all perform again on Saturday!  LOL!

So there we were - on the stage of Eurovision 2014, with the presenters, waving excitedly at the audience.  Hilarious!!!

When the show finished we went back into the press centre and folk were running up asking how it felt to qualify and for us to say something in Albanian!  Hysterical!!!

I'm hoping someone has photos...

So now I guess I should give my predictions for tonight's first Semi Final...  I'm kind of torn as many of may favourites are in here and I think we're gonna lose some, but anyway these are the ten that I think will go forward (based on rehearsals and reactions here on the ground);


In a few hours time we'll know...  PLEASE keep everything crossed for my beloved Sanna from Sweden.  I'm sure she's going to qualify, and I think either she or Hungary may well win this Semi, but I'll not settle now until I see that blue and gold flag emerge at the end of the show!

Wherever you are - enjoy the show!


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