The Wiener Takes It All!!!

You have NO idea how happy this photo makes me! (©EBU)

It's four o'clock in the morning, and we've just got in after attending Conchita's winning press conference and I've basically been a big sobbing mess for the past four or so hours!!!

I'm FAR too excited and wound up to go to sleep -  I WANT TO CELEBRATE!!!

For me this contest was always about two very fabulous ladies, my lovely, lovely Sanna - who did Sweden proud with a fantastic third place tonight, and Ms Conchita Wurst - whom I have loved since she narrowly lost out in the Austrian pre-selection two years ago... and just as well she did, because she not only came back with a stronger and better performed song, but tonight she became the first Austrian to win the contest since the year I was born, 1966.  48 years is a bloody long time to wait for your second win at Eurovision!

Had The Netherlands, who finished second, won, they would have given their home nation their first win in 39 years!

It pays to hang around and keep trying!  *Please remember this Portugal - your time will come!

I might add some more thoughts tomorrow, once all of this has sunk in - but look back at my last post - the one about predictions... who did I tell was was going to win Eurovision 2014?

YAAAAAYYYY!  Go Conchita!  Fabby Fab Fab!!!  Best Eurovision winner for a VERY long time!

Oh, and PS, Conchita, Thanks for the £650 win at the bookies - £10 each way at 50/1 - ya beauty!!!


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