What's missing from our performance? A fairy on a unicycle, of course...

Oh yes!  We're well and truly into the spirit of things now as we witnessed the spectacle of the Moldovan "Ethno-punk" band being serenaded by a pointy-hatted fairy on a unicycle playing a horn!

This was closely followed by a Cypriot lady swinging a large sperm around her head whilst her boys did some very effective swaying...

I still don't rate their song, but there was some serious enthusing going on amongst the gathered throng.

Of course, for me, the highlight of Tuesday was the first appearance on stage of the fab Eric Saade (pronounced Sa - aah - de) from Sweden.  "Popular" is still my fave song in this contest - although Blue is a very, very close second.  Apparently Eric's glass case didn't shatter, and he did something to hurt his shoulder..., but I thought it was fab - so there!

And then there was Mystic Meg playing in a sandpit whilst the Ukrainian girly sang her dirge...   

And people ask why I love Eurovision...


  1. Has the Moldovan fairy cursed Eric Sahahade's case? Will Mystic Meg predict the winner of semi 2? Tune in next week to find out.


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