Tales from Euroclub!

OK, so we decided to go out to Euroclub for a quick drink last night...

Four hours, and many, MANY beers later I got back to my bed - exhausted after dancing to "Haba Haba" at least 4 times, amongst other faves.

When we arrived we bumped into Alex Sparrow from Russia.  Very handsome and hugely talented, but I can't help being reminded of Gaston (for those familiar with Disney's Beauty & the Beast!).  Nevertheless he was incredibly charming and very interested in everyone who spoke with him.

The diminutive Emmy (real name, Emma - quelle shock!) from Armenia was out for a bit of a bop...

But the absolute highlight of the evening was meeting the Maltese singer, Glen.  A man who makes John Inman and Larry Grayson look like Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone!!!  Camp is NOT the word...  I've never met such a hilariously OTT Euro performer.  He was dancing to all the ESC tunes and knew the words to all of them (and not just this year's songs either).

Finally, can I just mention that Liam was a good boy after our trip to McDonalds earlier in the evening, so he got a balloon...


  1. Gaston Sparrow (is he really Russian?) ist sehr schoen! Make sure you save a slice of your liver for the final and don't over do it this week. Get yer beauty sleep.


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