Five Alive!

Saturday saw the "Big 5" rehearse for the first time.  These are the largest financial contributors to the Eurovision kitty, and and consequentially allowed an automatic place in the final.

First up was Mr France - all big hair and big voice as the garlic flavoured Paul Pottts gave faultless performances of his Corsican themed opera aria.  It's still the bookies' fave with odds of 5/2, but I think they are going to end up as the bridesmaid this year...

Italy have returned to the fray after a 14 year gap, and this time they're bringing a chunky Jamie Cullum soundalike to add a little jazz to the proceedings.  Not to everyone's taste, but it's fabulously performed, and I expect him to finish Top 10.

The two undisputed party songs of the contest this year are Norway's Haba Haba (fab Afro-schlager, you will remember) and the Spanish song, which has a long and complicated title that is far too complex to remember on a Sunday morning... it's all about "bailao" anyway!  Lucia is a party girl too - and I'd also suggest that this is one to watch.

Last year's winner, Lena, is returning to defend her title on home ground - and her first rehearsal was completely stunning!  This lady has matured as a performer so much in the last 12 months.  Her cheeky little slice of 80's electro-pop went down hugely in the hall.

And then there was Blue!

The boys gave a competent first run through, but if I'm totally honest it was a little messy.  Visually this is going to look stunning, and I'm sticking with my prediction that we are going to win - but I'm just a wee bit anxious about this afternoon's second rehearsal.... Hopefully it will be perfect!  Anyway, the boys equipped themselves fantastically in the press conference.  Even Anthony managed a giggle when a geeky Australian journalist asked him if he'd made use of any ATM's since he arrived in Germany!


  1. Can't see the Corsican Opera doing too well, and not much for the other big funders. UK aside, natch. Blue should bring it home for Liverpool 2012.


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