Lipstick on your collar

Those Jedward boys are building a great momentum around the Irish entry this year!  As you can see from the pic below, they are certainly colourful - and couple that with the way the effortlessly leap around the stage like things possessed, and I can really see them doing very well on Saturday night (we're taking it as read that they will qualify from their Semi on Thursday).

I remember Louis Walsh saying on X Factor that they would be perfect from Eurovision - the man was right!

Kudos also to the superb Danish band, A Friend In London, with their anthemic "New Tomorrow".  Sexy lead singer, Tim, is wearing a backless (!) shirt for their performance.  I'd prefer it to be a frontless shirt - but then you can't have everything...

Thankfully Blue's second rehearsal yesterday looked and sounded much stronger.  Interestingly, the momentum around our song seems to be fading a bit around the arena at the moment, but that's OK - it means we can come back stronger before the final on Saturday.  I still reckon it's the song to beat for the other 24 competitors.


  1. Do any of the Blue boys need some backless pants. I've a pair of chaps need seeing to.


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