Hungarian Car Crash Horror!!!

Last night we had a fab old time out at Euroclub, partying with delegates and artists until the early hours.  Highlight of the night was surely dancing in a drunken stupor to last year's UK and Dutch entries...

This morning I was up early for a podcast on   We chatted about the events of yesterday, and gave our reasons for being here quite so early... (parties!).

We arrived in the auditorium to be met with the uber-camp joys of Glen Vella from Malta belting his "One Life" out for all it was worth.  Thank goodness for the fabulous Senit from San Marino bringing a bit of class to the events afterwards...  Loved her big specs!

The big shock today was the horrendous car crash of a rehearsal from Hungary...  Awful frock that looked like a short pair of blue drapes, knobbly knees that would have made Butlins proud, nasty LED lights all over the OTT backing dancers, and most worrying of all - poor vocals!  This is one of the hot faves, and the one that beat the UK by one solitary vote in our Scottish Preview Party last weekend!  They need to work on this big time or they've lost any chance...

The Azeri couple were very good, as were the Icelandic boys.  I think Iceland at 200/1 on Boylesports is worth a couple of quid each way...  This comes over as a happy and inspiring song.

The food here is completely fab!  Last night Wiener Schnitzel and today some fantastic fish with loads of salad (including my fave German cucumber salad!).

Here's a pic for my colleagues in CHAS... Volunteers are very important here!  There are hundreds of them about.  I think I may need to discuss IIV before I leave...

Anyway, time to go to the last press conference of the day, from Greece.  Rubbish song, but there you are...

More soon!


  1. Ooh! Look at those hard working volunteers minding benches. Maybe they're worn out from touting apples and stuffing pigeon holes? Or were they just despondent at Hungary's poor performance?

  2. Glad to hear you're keeping the schlager end up in the Euroclub! Hope you did the hand-in-the-air dance routine to Sieneke!

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