The secret is...

Friday's rehearsals provided the first "OMG - where did that come from" moment so far...

Austria's Nadine Bieler absolutely blew everyone in the press centre away with a stunning performance of her song, "The Secret Is Love".  It was one of those magic moments where everything suddenly just came together; staging, lighting, sound, performance...  We had goosebumps watching her, and within a few minutes the place was buzzing with speculation that Austria, who have only just returned to the fray this year after a 4 year sabbatical, may very well win the whole thing!

She's currently 50/1 on most betting sites - get a couple of quid each way on this one now!


  1. Well they'll be happy down under with this and will probably have her at Sydney's Mardi Gras next spring. Oh, you meant Austria not Oz.


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