Turkish Delight - not!

Turkey decided to make their party last night invitation only...  So only those, and such as those, got in.  Boo Hiss!  Never mind, those of us who didn't make it in had fun at Euroclub instead, where we chatted with the widow of the Icelandic songwriter - a fab and inspiring lady, who is full of joy and energy despite the fact that she only lost her hubby a few months back.

Nadine from Austria was in to sing the gay hands-in-air dance version of her big gospel-style ballad.

...and Elaine was just enjoying her self, as per... (Paul Jordan thought she looked like Fred Flintstone - cheeky chap!)

Today we've had fab performances from Norway and Serbia so far, and Mr Russian Sparrow is currently giving a more than impressive performance of his song.

Finally, a quick word about Dana International, who rehearsed for the first time yesterday.  Not only did she sing dreadfully, and look uninterested in the whole thing, but she then cancelled her press conference...  Judging by the photo below I think her hormones might be needing a top up...Is it just me or this is a bloke in a Dolce & Gabbana bum-bag?


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