...and we're off!

24 hours after landing in glorious, sunny Dusseldorf, and we're already halfway through our first day of rehearsals.

Yesterday we came out to the Esprit Arena to pick up of accreditations, and were completely blown away by how fab the facilities here are! (and no, I'm not talking about the toilets!).  The press centre is MASSIVE!

And there are free apples - How healthy!

Our hotel is rather lovely - just round the corner from a Thai Karaoke club which seems to be hosted by some rather dubious looking Ladyboys...  and then there is the drag club opposite, where the main headliner is a delightful "lady" by the name of Coco La Fontaine!  We peeped in the window and, bless her, she was like Danny La Rue's mother!

This morning the rehearsals started in earnest...  First up we met the two hosts of the press conferences, Sonia and Branislav...
Did I mention the lovely Branislav?   Let's just check that out again...
Oh my!...  Zehr Shone!

Stella from Norway was mega!  She's gone into a gold version of her frock now.  Miss Poland was also very proficient in a diamonte bustier!

And what about Emmy, from Armenia, who's doing this whole "boxing" theme...

Hmm, interesting shot there...

Right, off to watch the Fabby Serbian lady and her Dusty Springfield-esque "homage".

More soon!


  1. Quite a few healthy baskets on show. Apples and pairs and Bran -oh my! Did Stella see you in her t-shirt? Someone I wouldn't mind seeing in my t-shirt's there too. Did I miss the diamante bustier? Again! Just my luck!

  2. Following your blog, David!! Heather Scot x
    I see my BBB - "Bring Back Branislav" worked!!!!!!!!

  3. David I might even be persuaded to watch the show after reading your blog!


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