Qualification shocker!

OK, so who saw Georgia, and more bizarrely, LITHUANIA going through?

Thankfully I got the other 8 qualifiers right with my predictions, and I'm delighted that Hungary and especially Iceland are through to Saturday's final.  I won 65 quid on that getting through!

I am, however, completely gutted about Norway, and the exit of Stella's superb Haba Haba.  That really is sad.

So Turkey and Armenia failed to qualify for the first time - that's interesting (although it may hand the victory to Azerbaijan if all the Turkish diaspora around Europe vote from them now that their homeland is out).

Goodness knows what the second semi will throw up on Thursday.  I'll come back after the rehearsal for that one tomorrow and give you my comments.

By the way, it looks like my Scotsman article is going out on Thursday (I spent 4 hours writing it this morning, starting at 6.30am!)

Goodnight from Dusseldorf for the time being.


  1. Totally agree but what about Albania with the fabulous winged background. Shame on you Eurovoters!

  2. I am horrified, frankly, that Norway did not qualify. The Eurovision Council of Midlothian had Haba Haba in their top ten out of all of the entries as far as I recall. Their exit invalidates the entire contest

  3. You say it Sister Blue! There just isn't enough Arctic Roll around to begin to compensate for Norway's demise.


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