Georgian Cheese on Toast!

Yum!  Those Georgians know how to throw a party...  cold bits of cheese on toast and a few Jim Beams and soda, followed by some Georgian wine...

Anyway, we didn't stay late after the Georgian act, Eldrine, decided to share 11 tracks off their new album and then the largish lady who heads their delegation serenaded us with her rendition of Diana Ross's Endless Love!

We were starving, so went next door for a Currywurst instead...


So, today Iceland were once again fabulous, and looking like strong contenders (still around 200/1 on some sites - get an e/w bet on it NOW!).  Nice chaps, and thier drummer (second from the right) is a fair treat on the eye!

Kati Wolf from Hungary was slightly better today - but still not brilliant, which is a shame really.  The routine looks messy on screen. She can't have been to concerned, cos she was presented with some award by a rather rotund German fan...

Complete stars of the day, as far as press conferences are concerned anyway, were the hilarious Portuguese!  OK, so the song's a pile of pants - but they never come out of character as the 1970's peaceful protestors (they were referred to as the Socialist Village People!), and they sing every answer the journalists ask them.  Today they invited us all backstage for Portuguese cheese, bread and wine - Fab!


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