Semi 1 - predication time

Before I regale you with my predictions for tonight's semi, I have to make reference the ever fabulous Georgian party which was held in a pretty harbourfront setting last night.  Thanks so much to my lovely friends, Natia and Natia for inviting me long again this year.  Its always a highlight of the weeks events for me!  Fab food and gorgeous Georgian red wine!!!

The purple dollop stuff was my fave!  I think it included beetroot and onion...

But onto the serious business of predicting qualifiers from tonight's semi final.

In order of performance, these I are one I think will (but not necessarily should!) advance to Saturday's final:

Czech Republic

These are all based on having seen them perform during rehearsals.  Russia is great, and remains my favourite.  Armenia gives the performance of the entire semi - this is a full-on performance and it is stand-out fabulous. Cyprus is also another cert for the final, along with charismatic Douwe Bob from Holland.  Azerbaijan has sounded ropey up until now, but gave a great Jury final performance, and I do love the song.  I'm not a huge fan of the Icelandic song and even less so the Czech one, but both have a lot of momentum behind them to qualify.

The one I hope I'm wrong about is Malta.  It's just so dull and predestrian.  I'd far rather we got quirky San Marino through in its place.

Croatia is a fantastic song, let down by two of the most hideous frocks ever to deck a Eurovision stage.  Seriously, they make the main runway of RuPaul's Drag Race look like Primark's Back to Basics range!

Enjoy tonight's show and fingers crossed the best ones go through!


  1. Hello David! Zoë from Glasgow calling! AKA yer pal Julie's mate fae work! Having watched the first of the semi finals with my flatmate last night, we both feel that Bosnia and Herzegovina were robbed! Original, beautiful language and instrumental, fierce outfits...what's not to love??


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