Friday was pretty much selfie day!

OK,  today is going to be REALLY busy!!! (more about that later), so rather than regale you with stories of drunken debauchery at last night's FABULOUS Nordic Party I'm just going to bombard you with around 5 million selfies that I ended up taking yesterday... 

It started at the Finnish... with Sandjha
Israeli Hovi Star! (Gurl!!!)
 Justs from Latvia (with Frank)
Joe 90, sorry Juri, from Estonia
 Hera Björk
 Frank and Liza
Shirley Clamp and Velvet!
 Greta Slome (and Pete)
The mad Icelandic gang!
Mr Gorge Cyprus!

The last three are Francesca from Italy, Serhat from San Marino and Michal from Poland!


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