Half naked man with a big pole, depression and 70's Motown realness!

Ooh, it's all happening in Globen!

Slovenia have decided that the most appropriate staging for their cute little Taylor Swift tribute should involve a half naked gymnast swinging off his massive pole!

Bulgaria gave the performance of the day (and possibly the whole second Semi) yesterday with the phenomenal Poli delivering the tightest and slickest dance routine since the demise of my beloved Steps.
The girl oozes charm and confidence, and I'd love to see her swoop in from left-field and take the whole thing...  Certainly worth an each-way bet!
And, who would have thought that the other performance of the day was going to come from plucky little Belgium?

Laura's 70's Motown inspired funky dance track had them rocking in the isles in the press centre!  Terrific stuff...
There was a lovely moment in the press centre when members of the assembled press (me included) got together to sing the disqualified Romanian entry.  We were lead by Lidija, the Moldovan entrant, although I think we would have qualified with the quality (!) of our singing!!!

Agnete, the Norwegian entrant, is struggling with a battle against depression, and whilst she gave a great rehearsal she couldn't face the press, and instead sent her manager to chat with us about her performance and how she's doing.  I was lucky enough to meet her in Oslo back in February and she's a lovely girl.  I hope she finds a way of coping, and feels better soon.
Right, I need to get on... we have 20 countries rehearsing today and I've just had my first look inside the arena, and it's impressive - if a bit tight on the arena floor - I'm glad we're seated and not standing!

*stage photos ©EBU


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  2. Ovidiu, did, diu, push pineapple shake the tree might have been sung with more conviction


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