Day 1 - round up

Before starting with my review of Monday's proceedings, I'll just leave this here for the time being...


So, Monday was day 1 of rehearsals for the first 9 countries in Semifinal 1.  Look at me beavering away in the press centre... (I'll be the one in pink...)

There were highs, there were lows, there were gasps, there were cheers, and there there was one truly outstanding performance that absolutely blew everyone away in the press centre....and it wasn't Russia!

Enter stage left, Iveta Mukuchyan of Armenia.  Let's just call her Ivy Munchkin for simplicity...  Now before we came here this was a bit of a "meh...whatever" song for me, but what she delivered on stage yesterday was nothing less than sensational!  Sometimes is really is just all about the performance.

Looking like a sexy Beyoncé-clone Ivy stood, strutted, posed and generally slayed.  The song on its own is nothing special, but the way Ivy sells it is mighty impressive.

Straight after her first performance (which recieved raputrous applause from the assembled press) I went onto Oddschecker and placed an each-way bet on her at 28/1.  By the end of the day Armenia's odds had halved to around 14/1.

Then there was Miss Croatia's frock...
What the hell were they thinking?  As I said yesterday, she looks like a demented windmill. 

There were a few other highlights of the day, and amongst those were Freddie from Hungary...
Great performance, and a very nice chap too.

Douwe Bob from the Netherlands was disappointing.  I saw that as a potential outsider, but I'm not so sure now.  There is a very akward 10 second pause towards the end of the song that he says he wants fans to just "do what they want" during.  Risky strategy, I think.

Serhat from San Marino was surprisingly engaging in his press conference,  and admitted that he was in the audience here in Globen the last time it staged Eurovision in 2000 - so he's a bit of a fan-boy!
But, of course, the BIG story of the day was the first rehearsal of current bookie's favourite (and my personal favourite) Russia.

Sergey's performance was, well...busy!  It's a little to close to Måns performance from last year, and it's trying to recreate the video.  He sings it perfectly, but by the time he has climed to the top of his hi-tec climbing frame he looks knackered and rather sweaty.  It's still my favourite, and I still think it's the most likely winner.  Let's see how it looks when he has his second rehearsal on Friday.
However, I grabbed my chance to get a quick photo with him at the end of his press conference (...and by the way, he's very modest - no diva behaviour there at all - unlike Dima Bilan, sorry Diva Banal).

Can I just say - he smells absolutely GORGEOUS!!!  No idea what he was wearing but - Yum!

After rehearsals and some much needed sustenance in the form of a Honey Bunny Pizza (I kid you not - a pizza which included honey as a topping - delish!) we went on to have a look at the rather swish Euroclub.
It was rather quiet for the first night, so we just had a quick beer and catch up with some of our Euro buddies before calling it a night.

All things considered it was a pretty fab first day.  Fab press centre.  Nice food in there. Hideous Croatian frock.  Fabulous Armenian. Got to meet my fave.

All is good in the world!


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