A cross between Shirley Temple and Mrs Slocombe!

That headline grabbed your attention, didn't it?  That was a quote from one of my fellow journalists when describing one of our your starlets of song yesterday.  I had other visions, and those will be shared in due course...

But first, lets discuss Belarus.  That was the chap who told the world that he'd perform naked on stage, accompanied by wolves - and we all laughed...

So, he performs naked on stage, accompanied by wolves.

I kid you not!  Not only that, but he plays with himself and then closes his peformance with a baby running towards him in nappies!

Performance wise, it's very clever - but bizarre beyond belief.

Highlights of yesterday for me were Lativa (my second fave after Russia) and Australia.  Both Justs and the gorgeous Dami Im were lovely in their respective press conferences.
Israel went absolutely massive in the press centre - and whislt I adore Hovi Star (who gave the press conference of the entire decade!), the song leaves me cold.  It's a sure-fire qualifier now, but we're probably not jetting off to Tel Aviv next May.

And, man-alive, does that boy know how to command a photo session during a press conference...
And then there was Switzerland...

Oh boy!

When you decide to have a make over just before you take the stage in from of 200 million folk then going for a look that (as previously mentioned) makes you look like some horrendous splicing experiment between Shirley Temple and Mrs Slocombe is not a look many would go for.

And whilst I agree with that description of Rykka, I couldn't help counjuring up other images in my mind as she sat in her press conference and said nothing...


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