The morning after...

Well, that was an interesting result in last night's semi final.  I managed to predict 8 of our finalists correctly, missing out on Albania and Hungary.  Both of those are fine songs, but I would much rather have seen Denmark and Moldova take those places. 

Just before I went into the hall I bumped into my all-time favourite Eurovision artist, the Goddess of Swedish song, Sanna Nielssen.

Sanna, who represented Sweden last year and finished third, is here as one of the commentators for Sweden this year after presenting Melodifestivalen.  This fabulous lady's career is going from strength to strength and I'm so pleased for her.

The atmosphere in the Wiener Stadthalle was amazing!

I loved Conchita's opening (ooh-er) and I thought the show flowed well.  The best reactions in the hall were for Belgium, Greece and Russia - and the absolute biggest reaction came for our fabulous diva from Serbia, Boyana.  The place went mental as she performed what effectively is Part 2 of Conchita's anthem to diversity and acceptance from last year.

Straight after the show, as I was walking back to the press centre, look who I bumped into...

Australia's Guy Sebastian grabbed my phone and took this brilliant selfie!  How fabulous!!!

The word in the press centre is that Belgium may have done VERY well in last night's voting...Hmmm.  Well I still detest the song with a passion but if they did win by some horrendous chance then at least I'll finally get the opportunity to go to Belgium!

Anyway, the 7 pre-qualifiers are rehearsing now, and Italy (my faves) have just drawn to sing in the second half.  Woo Hoo!!!

Then we have a run through of the 2nd Semi - busy day!!!


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