Once Upon A Time 3 Little Girls Went To The Eurovision Academy...

So day 2 of rehearsals was dominated by three fabulous ladies...

First up was Boyana from Serbia who went from this...

To this...

In perhaps the gayest performance since Lou in 2003 Boyana delivered a fantastic powerhouse performance.

Then we had the Ice Maiden, Polina, from Russia - WOW!  An amazing performance.  This is SO going to feature in the Top 5!

And then we had the song to blow everything out of the water today...  GEORGIA!!!!

Nina's performance was powerful, on point, dynamic and visually stunning.  She got the biggest reception of the day from the assemebled press and she's SAILING into the Final with her Warrior.

I'm off to fawn over fabulous Nina at her press conference now!  GEORGIA are back, Back, BACK - YAAAAAAY!!!!


  1. So Georgia might need to be back on my kilt again?


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