First half of Semi 2 and it's all a bit...meh!

Oh Dear.

It was all going so well during days one and two, and we had some great performances from the Semi 1 artists.  Then we got the first half of Semi 2 rehearsing yesterday and it was all a bit, well, lacklustre.

I had huge expectations for my Lithuania who are in my Top 3 this year.  They looked good, but the performance just seemed drowned on that stage.  I really hope they are better in the next run though, because at the moment I would put their qualification as being on a "shoogly peg"!

Probably the strongest performance of the day came from Norway's Mørland and Deborah Scarlet (whose real name is Joanna, apparently - who knew?).  I've never been a huge fan of their moody, downbeat piece, but it worked well yesterday and they two of them were just lovely in their press conference.

The personalities of the day were of course Vaćlav and Marta from the newly returned Czech Republic.  They laughed and joked thier way through a great press conference.

On a lighter note...  The Dutch seemed to have accepted their fate already.  This is inspired:

Måns is on today... Yaaaaaayyyy!   GO SWEDEN!


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