My first EVER Nordic Party!!!

As you'll see from the title of this post, I FINALLY (after 26 years) got an invite to the annual Nordic Party!  More of that in a bit, but after a bit of a to-do at 4am yesterday (when the prat who was selling me his ticket for the final decided he was coming after all and messaged me to tell me I'd need to source another one.  How very rude!).  However, all was well by mid-morning when our lovely friends Astrid and Guri from Norway (who can't come over) arranged for us to have their full ticket packages!  Fab!!!
So that means that instead of standing for all three shows we'll be sitting in the middle of the Norwegian fans!  Hoorah!  For the next 8 days Simon and I are officially #teamnorway!

But back to the rehearsals and yesterday we had a full run through of Semi 1.  Most of the performances were unchanged from the first run through, so rather than wax lyrical about the veritable merits or otherwise of who's in and who's going home I'll just pop these pictures of the Moldovan stage outfits here...

Back back to yesterday's main event...the Nordic Party!  Woo Hoo!

Nordic pics © Oikotimes

Thanks to Peter and Felix I was lucky enough to be added to the Icelandic guest list and as we arrived we were handed a bottle of some fab Estonian beer.  Then we bumped into Stig and Elina, the Estonian singers, so we had a nice chat and they signed a CD for us.

After a few more delicious Eesti beers and a tasty finger buffet we were treated to performances from Mørland and Deborah Scarlet from Norway, Måns from Sweden (swoon!), the Danish band, Anti Social Media and lovely little Maria from Iceland.  Sadly (or perhaps not) the Finnish boys decided that some heavy punk wasn't best suited to this crowd and they just continued to enjoy the party from their comfy sofas by the stage.

In amongst everything else that happened yesterday I also managed to write my article for next weekend's Scotsman Saturday supplement - I'm glad to have had the opportunity to express my thoughts and opinions on the Contest to the nation once again this year!

So, ticket crisis averted, Scotsman piece posted, parties started...  and relax!!!


  1. We can’t think of anything more appropriate than having you all tucked in with the Norwegian fans! Enjoy, and remember to bring an Italian flag too!

  2. We'll be waving flags for lots of countries!


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