Making Your Mind Up! - The Fizz hit Kelso!

A slight detour from the delights of Old Wien here, but I wanted to bring you some of the complete joy that we experienced on Saturday night in downtown Kelso!  Bucks Fizz were playing their only Scottish date in their current extensive UK tour and we were there!

Ross, Ben, Simon and I trundled ourselves down the A7 and after arriving in Kelso we went off in search of food.  Our options were somewhat limited, so we plumped for a chippy just opposite a fabulous apparel shop which is clearly aimed at the Country Set...  Country Casuals Of Distinction!

In an homage to Victoria Wood, Ben and I imagined the scene as the phone rang in the shop...

"Good Morning, Country Casuals of Distinction, Samantha speaking, how may I help you?....Yes, we do stock that garment...Absolutely, I'll just check stock to see if we have in in Puce Triple XL..."

As we walked into the Tait Hall we were immediately out in mind of Bingo Night at the local WRVS.  At that point there was us and around 15 assorted folk...

So, after sitting and listening to the support DJ play 80's classics for an hour it was time for Cheryl, Bobby, Jay and Bobby II to take the stage.  Hoorah!  They looked, and sounded amazing...

As some of you will know Bobby II is actually not the original one (as he buggered off and created his own inferior version of the band after loosing at a game of Cleudo and taking a massive hissy fit).  This one is actually Bobby McVey who was in Sweet Dreams, our UK entry in 1983.  So it was only fitting that they sang his Eurovision entry, and they did it brilliantly.

Over the course of two and a half hours (with a break mid-way) the guys sang virtually every one of their singles, and what amazed me most was they the did the original routines for every one of them!  Fantastic!  Some album tracks were included, and they even did a great mash-up of 80's classics by other artists towards the end of their set.

Here's a clip of my fave Fizz single, When We Were Young.

Of course they finished the set with the song Cheryl described as "lasting less than 3 minutes, but which changed our lives forever".  But the big question was whether those skirts were coming off!...

At the end of the show we had a quick chat with the guys at the stage door as they prepared to drive back down South for their next gig.  They were kind enough to sign a copy of one of Ben's Minipop Icon prints, and Bobby was delighted to sign my picture sleeve of "I'm Never Giving Up".

A fab night - and the absolutely perfect send off for my journey out to Vienna the next morning.  Here's to the next 34 years of Bucks Fizz (which would actually make them around 100!!!).


  1. What larks! Surprisingly fab night out in Kelso - who knew?!


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