A night at The Symphony

Well, who'd have thunk it?  Me at a high-brow classical music concert!

But that's exactly what I did last night as I went along to an evening of Mozart played by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra in their fabulous Concert Hall.

It was all very glam, and there was me in my jeans and Converse trainers sitting in the second row trying the blend in.

The place itself was stunning and very opulent...

And what's more, I really enjoyed the music!

This morning I met up with my friend Howard and we did the traditional Café und Kuchen.  Yum!
Then I went into town to see the Italian boys do a signing in a big music store.  Sadly we weren't allowed time to take a selfie, as there were around 400 folk in the queue waiting, but I did get my copy of thier Grande Amore EP signed and was able to wish them Good Luck for Saturday night.

And now onto my predictions for tonight.  These are the 10 songs I think will go through, but being a far stronger Semi this one is much harder to call.  There are about four songs that are very "borderline" and which could go either way, but anyway, I'm plumping for these:


I think the Czech Republic will be close, and possibly Malta.  I am certain that San Marino will finish last (probably with the lowest score in the two semis).  Portugal won't be far in from of them either.

Enjoy the show!


  1. Get you with your predictions, pastries and ponies!


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