So, a little earlier this evening this happened...

This is Måns Zelmerlöw, who is singing for Sweden.  Although I only have him in second place behind Italy in my ranking this is the person I'm expecting to be holding the winner's trophy at the end of next Saturday night.

I've been a big fan for the past eight years, and to finally get a chance for a quick snap, and to shake his hand, meant the world to me!

There is also the added bonus of him being gorgeous...

Anyway, in other news today Azerjibin was fabulous:


The Israeli boy shuffeled around the stage with a stoop so pronounced he looked like he was auditioning for a part in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Slovenia (a big fave) was underwhelming.

And plucky little Maria from Iceland gave a super performance of her fab entry "Unbroken" (even if she did look like a 9 year-old going to a birthday party!).

So, in summation, Sweden and any other perm of 9 from the other 16 songs to go through a week tonight.



  1. All the staging and costumes look like it'll be a real good show! Or three!


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