Thoughts on day 2's rehearsals

Moldova started us off with a very lacklustre performance and a new backing track for her dramatic song.  Sadly I don't think the new version is as strong as the last one, and I fear this will be lost in the melee.  She has a few boy dancers though...

Poor San Marino!  Despite a perfectly competent performance this just comes across as dull.  There is no stage show this time, just Vale and big clam-like erection behind her.  She doesn't even move - just stands there and sways a bit while the backlighting shines through her white dress showing her chunky legs!

Portugal has also revamped their backing track and it's got a few hand-claps in there at strategic places.  Suzy was a bit out of tune (again) and at her press conference sounded like Kenny Everett's Cupid Stunt, ", like, yeah, that's what my song is all about...but listen to me, Michael, I'm telling you the plot!" [crosses legs wildly in the air] - Airhead!

The Netherlands' Common Linnets (or as we call them, the Common Liletts) were actually VERY good, and this could now qualify.  Lovely use of camera angles and graphics combined with strong vocals.

Oh God, Montenegro!  You had a sure-fire qualifier and what did you do to "enhance" the melancholy Baltic angst of "Moj Svijet"?  You added a girlie on roller blades careering about the stage like a thing possessed!  Jeez!!!  Someone needs to have a serious word...

This year's biggest bit of eye-candy for the chaps (and ladies) sang the Hungarian entry brilliantly.  András is no longer accompanied by a young girl with her teddy, but by a female and male dancer who enact some of the dark subject matter (it's about domestic violence and child abuse!). I stalked him, sorry, caught up with him after his press conference so that he could see his Minipop icon t-shirt (which he thought was "awesome"!).

Malta's Firelight were absolutely superb and yet again this song went up in my estimation.  After starting April as my 36th placed song, it has now cracked my Top 10 and I'm loving it more and more every time I hear it!  This is going to do REALLY well... (and isn't Wayne, the other brother, just yum?)

Today's knock-out performance came from Israel's Mei Feingold.  OMG - this was astonishingly fabulous.  Strong vocals and a brilliantly crafted routine make this one of the best things to be seen on a Eurovision stage for many a year.  There is a "Sertab" moment that is going to have televoters phoning in in droves!  Tel Aviv 2015 is looking like a VERY strong possibility...

Norway's Carl Espen gave a very competent performance of his haunting ballad.  He's such a quiet, uneffacing man and I'm sure he's going to do very well.  That's his female cousin who wrote the song, by the way.  She was wearing comfortable shoes.

Next up was my favourite delegation - Georgia!  Now, much has been said about this early 70's sounding prog-rock track, and maybe it's not right for Eurovision, but I love the rich diversity that Georgia brings to the contest.  They have a drummer on stage who is hanging from a fully inflated parachute!  Apparently it's inspired by Felix Baumgartner's epic "Three minutes to earth" parachute jump from space... you were wondering, weren't you?

Our final rehearsal of the day came from Poland and for all those of you who giggled like little school children at the boobies in the video - they are here, live on stage!!!  Oh My Lord!!!  They even have the milk churning scene fully reenacted!  It's a fun performance, but not as much fun as the video - which is a shame.

This pic courtesy of Mr Ransted!

So, Israel and Malta were today's two big highlights... Let's see what Wednesday brings in the shape of a sausage...


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