An industrial wasteland and some frocks

Greetings from the first morning in the press centre.  As you can see I'm already hard at work (and wearing Sanna, natch!)
Mr Armenia is singing away in the background, but they haven't linked the feed in here yet, so I've no idea how it looks or sounds...

But never mind all that, I know you want to hear all about our lovely adventures coming out here the the B&W Hall yesterday...  After a bus journey, a seven mile walk and a water taxi ride across the Kattegat, oh and then a three mile hike across some industrial wasteland (carefully negotiating the barbed wire fences), we managed to find the accreditation tent. 

Picking up our accreditation was very straightforward and well organised...  They're rather pretty this year...
Then we came in and had a look around the city of tents outside the main halls which make up the press centre.  THEY HAVE SWINGS!!! 
What with the fact that there are complimentary condoms on the counter and slings, sorry swings, one journalist was overheard asking where the dark room was!...

I'm loving this whole Bedouin tent outside lounge concept... it's like being in the Big Brother house!

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The food is tasty and the prices are great - Hoorah!

The actual working area is very large and well equipped.  It's already filling up this morning.
But enough of life here on Eurovision Island (it really IS on an island, just opposite the Little Mermaid)... you want to know about the frocks, don't you?

The apartment that Robin and I are sharing belongs to a lovely lady called Rebecca, and I'm in the main bedroom, which is obviously her own bedroom because ALL of her clothes are in there.  It's like an Oxfam shop!  So much choice of what to wear...
She very kindly left a little space right in the centre for me to put my things.  Now, ladies apparel is certainly NOT my thing, but I was strangely attracted to one top hanging up there... what do you think?  Me?
Anyway, the plucky little Latvians have come on stage now, so I best get on...  More gossip and comment on the first day's rehearsals later.

Vi Ses! (see ya later)


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