The Scottish Preview Results

Well, after a very nail-biting voting sequence we went into the 28th and final jury with Spain and Sweden tied on 150 points apiece.  Elaine had the casting vote - and as her votes had already been locked into the electronic scoreboard she was unable to then change them.  Here's how the Top 20 finished...

So, the lovely Sanna just edged Ruth out of the victory.  If the same thing happens in three weeks I shall be a very happy chappie indeed!  Bookies' favourite Armenia finished in a miserable 26th place with only 21 points.

Other bizarre facts from Saturday's voting:
  • Hungary had been leading after the first seven sets of votes had been cast (from those who were unable to be there in person).  Of the 21 following sets of votes, only 1 person gave Hungary anything (and that was me!).  Meaning that the assembled voters in Gracieland were either put off by the graphic video, or did not want to be seen voting for a song with child abuse as a subject matter... interesting...
  • Only two people out of 28 gave votes to the Belgian entry (me and Simon!)
  • Sweden scored six "douze points" - twice as many as any other country
  • The UK finished fifth overall, despite gaining no 12's and only one 10
  • Finishing in 23rd place with 24 points, Russia was the lowest placing country to recieve a 12
  • One country failed to score a single point and ended up with the dreaded "null points"
Thanks to the fab folks who came along and enjoyed all the fun on Saturday night - and a special thanks to the fabulous Vikki Spence who once again excelled herself with a stunning selection of cakes... A "Cheese"cake, a Moustache cake and some "Cake to Bake" cupcakes and also some Moustache biscuits - Fabulous!!!

I forgot to take any phots whilst it was all going on, but here are some shots of us getting ready for the guests....

And finally, here are Bunty and Baxter (in soft toy form - thank you Claire!) celebrating Sanna's marvellous victory!   Hoorah!
So, that's it from me until this coming weekend.  I fly out to Copenhagen on Friday afternoon, and after a weekend of relaxing, eating, drinking and generally catching up with lovely Euro-people, I shall be bringing you ALL the gossip...ALL the drama and, natch, ALL the fashion faux pas direct from the rehearsals when they start next Monday! 

Until then... 


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