Day 4 - A tale of two faces

So, our fourth day was all about the mighty Jaques Houdek from Croatia...

All eyes were glued to the screens in the press centre as Jaqui took to the stage to give the very first ever live performance of his song - which he delivers in the style of a duet between Michael Jackson and Pavarotti (with him doing both voices changing back and forth in quick succession).

Screams of uncontrollable laughter from the assembled masses!!! 

It was certainly something else...  Meanwhile I was FAR more interested in his backing chaps, who show us that beardage is certainly going on in Croatia. I have NO idea if this will qualify or not.  It shouldn't, but it's in the category of "this madness is what Eurovision is all about", so it may well do!

Elsewhere we were treated to a rather lacklustre run-through from second favourite with the bookies, Bulgaria.  Kristian was doing his best Harry Potter impression, but for me it felt very flat.  He didn't seem to be that bothered about being there and although he will certainly qualify he needs to up his game if he wants to challenge for the Top 5.

Elsewhere we saw the return of Valentina Monetta, singing for San Moreno for a record thirty seventh time (or does it just feel like that?).  She was rubbish.  Jimmie Wilson was fab.  It's three minutes of early 80's disco, just as the genre was dying - which is pretty much what happens to this entry...

Switzerland gave a very colourful performance, with Miruna in a canary yellow frock (replete with feathers) and Sam and the very lovely Emanuel in pink (to make the boys wink). 

I could swear Emanuel was winking directly at me (and only me) in this shot.

The boys from Norway gave a very good run through and I'd be surprised if this misses a place in the final.

Mr Imri from Israel is certainly very buff in the flesh (so to speak).  I thought he was good on stage even though I don't rate the song.  Others were less optimistic about his chances.

I absolutely LOVED the joyful and exuberant Naviband from Belarus, who had a brilliant stage show complete with flying boat, and treated the assembled press to a rendition of Occidentali's Karma (this year's Italian entry and winner-in-waiting).  This pair are just lovely and I SO hope they qualify (which I think they will).

That leaves us with two further duets from yesterday.  Here's the Lithuanian pair telling us how many votes they expect to score next Thursday...

They were woeful.  In fact, almost as bad as Blanche from Belgium.  Yes, THAT bad!

Koit and Laura from Estonia, on the other hand, gave (for me at least) the performance of the day.  They were also chatty and animated together during their press conferences - putting aside the notion that they hate each other.  This is a surefire qualifier. 

But what in the name of God is she wearing here?

And now we're into the first of the two VERY long days, with 15 from Semi one taking to the stage again - but more importantly... We get to go into the arena for the first time and see things close up...

...and it's FAB!!!


  1. Not pulling any punches honey! Just hope some of the performers don't see these comments!


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