Day 1 - Thoughts and musings

So, that was day 1 of Eurovision 2017... and it was a good one!

Let's just get this pic out of that way first (you've probably already seen it on Facebook anyway)

That's Montenegro's Slavko - the man with Eurovision's longest ever protrusion.  I refer, natch, to his hair braid - which sees much action during the three most outrĂ© moments in Eurovision history since Deen took us "In The Disco" 13 years ago...  Anyway, he was overjoyed to see his Europop icon being proudly flaunted by a man with what someone described yesterday as perky nipples.

So, this was us first thing yesterday.  Hass and David all geared up and ready to go...

Kicking the whole thing off was Robin Bengtsson from Sweden.  A stellar rehearsal, which perfectly emulated his classic, slick Melodifestival performance (although a couple of the travellator boys have changed, as they need to sing backup now too).  Apparently, however, Robin forgot his socks...

It was then the turn of the lovely Tamara from my adoptive Eurovision homeland of Georgia.  Many hugs and kisses from my fave delegation heads Natia and Natia when we met later during the meet and greet.  A good, strong performance from our Tam!

We had a slight change of the official order as Albania performed next.  Lindita was serving US realness (she lives and works there now), although some of the vocals were a bit off...  still love this one though.  Possibly my fave ever Albanian entry.

Isaiah gave what many in the press centre considered one of the day's best performances with his extremely dull boyband ballad.  I don't get it, I'm afraid, and while that stage looked stunning with huge close ups of his girly androgynous locks and lips on the video wall behind him while he spun on a revolving platform, I was desperately waiting for him to finish.

Next up was former second favourite, Blanche, from Belgium.  Now, this is a stunning electro-pop number with a moody 80's vibe.  However, is was absolutely massacred during one of the most awkward and inept first rehearsals I've ever seen in 28 years of coming to the contest.  She has the stage presence of a brick... a crumbling brick.  I honestly can't even see this one qualifying now it was so bad.  Poor, mumbling vocals, no personality shown whatsoever, really awkward hand and arm gestures that look as though they were added 10  minutes before she went on stage... it was just dreadful.  And that's sad.  Nice BHS pullover, though... (in keeping with the 80's feel)

Now, if you want personality and stage presence, you NEED Slavko!  Vocally, he wasn't on point yesterday, but no matter... THIS is what half drunk Brits want and expect from their one-night-a-year delve into the camptastic world of Eurovision!

Finland's Norma John were stellar!  A faultless performance, and two of the nicest people ever to grace an ESC stage.  I SO want this to feature well up the scoreboard on the Saturday night.  Another one that everyone in the press centre was impressed with yesterday.

Next up we had the most surreal performance on the day - from Azerjibin!  Dihaj is visually stunning and delivered a competent vocal, but it was the fact that she was encased in a blackboard walled box accompanied by a man sitting on top of a ten foot step-ladder wearing a horse's head which titivated the assembled masses!  Much bizarreness.

Finally, it was Portugal's turn to take to the stage.  As Salvador has been told by his physicians not to spend longer than a week away from home in Lisbon (he has a heart condition) he won't be arriving until Sunday - so his rehearsals are being done by his lovely sister Luisa, who actually wrote the song.  She was really engaging in her meet and greet and gave us all an insight into Sal's rapid rise to fame in his home country, "he's REALLY famous now!"  She looks so much like him.

So there you have it!  That was day one.  Finland and Sweden were best for me.  I can't judge Portugal (which is my second fave this year) until Salvador takes the stage next week.  Whatever happens there, the love for him and his song is already immense in the press centre.

I almost forgot to add in this pic of my fave security man, who spent the whole day about ten feet from out table.  Something to look at while Australia was on...

Day 2 has already started, and we've just sat through Greece (half naked boys engaging in a spot of watersports)... so much to look forward to in my next update!


  1. Can I bring him home as a souvenir please?


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