Melodifestivalen 2011 - Part 2

OK, second day of meeting the stjarnorna here in Stockholm!  Danny entertained us at lunchtime with his ode to his pregnant girlfriend, In The Club.

He seemed happy to see us!  Nothing much happening then until teatime, when we went to see The Moniker, who does indeed look like Simon!  We spoke about the fact that he really wants to go to Germany, as he's half German (I told him I am too - spooky!).

He's nervous about tonight as the international juries will do thier voting tonight for tomorrow's show... I told him that I thought he could win thier vote.  Interestingly, there were more people in the audience for him then there were for Eric Saade yesterday.  He signed his picture to me as "The David" - LOL, then apologised cos he's tired!  I laughed.  Nice chap. Very affable!  Be happy to see him represent Sweden in Eurovision, and the song is FAB!

Still no sign of Ms Bengtzing doing a signing - but maybe tomorrow...


  1. My eyes are green but otherwise we could be twiins.


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