It's all Greek to me - HALLELUJAH!!!

22 May 2006
Well, what can I say... apart from "Hallelujah!"  LORDI WON EUROVISION   -   WOO HOO!!!
The atmosphere in that hall on Saturday night was fantastic, and just got better as the Monsters began to run away with it.   I was hoarse wtih screaming by the end of the voting.  How fantastic for Finland, who have been in the thing for 45 years without so much as denting the Top 5 even once, then they blow the competition away with the highest EVER score.  Only 3 of the 38 nations voting failed to award any points to Lordi, so those who claim it's all political can stick that one in thier pipes.  The whole of Europe loved the Monsters - and rightly so!   They even gave us a rousing chorus of "We are The Winners" during their post show press conference!
Another interesting fact about Finland.  In thier 45 years of competing, until this weekend they had NEVER finished higher than the UK in any of the contests!  (Even when we sent nul-points Jemini in 2003, Finland were out due to relegation that year).
The post show bash was, of course, fantastic, with absolutely everyone delighted with the result.  Needless to say, I didn't let any of you down, and managed to augment my celebrations and lubricate my hoarse throat with copious amounts of whisky!  Fab!   Lordi turned up swiging whisky straight from the bottle.
Left the celebrations still in full swing at 5 in the morning and went home to pack.
At the airport yesterday, I stood next to the Norwegian girl in the queue at Macdonalds, and then passed Sweden's Carola browsing in one of the designer clothes shops in Duty Free.  I smiled at her as I walked past and she smiled back and said hello.  I carried on walking and shed a little tear.  It would have been lovely for her to emulate Logan, and become the first woman to win the Contest twice, but 5th place was respectable and she was happy with that.  I think she will always be my all-time-fave Eurovision artist...
So, I'm home now, and the first load of washing is in the machine.   Back to work tomorrow.
Greece was an experience.  The heat was unbearable at times, the organisation was chaotic at best, but the parties were fab (as were the vouchers!!!), the contect itself was fantastic, and joy-of-joys, we finally get to come back to Northern Europe for next year's bash. 
Roll on May 12th 2007 in Helsinki!!!


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