Chicken Kiev - Part 5

20 May 2005

What in the hell was going on there then?  No Iceland
and Netherlands through to the final, yet that heap of
unadulterated crap from Macedonia gets in...

And as for Moldova!!!!  Bloody Hell!  Well, I did
warn you that they'd get through, but heaven help us
if that rubbish goes on to sweep the boards on
Saturday.  I really seem to be one of the very few
people here who fails to "get" it.  The place was just
going bananas last night while they were on - and I
had them 39th of 39 with only 1 out of 10!

Could someone (anyone) tell my why this is good?...

Five of my ten predictions went through; Hungary,
Croatia, Norway, Romania and Switzerland.  I'm pleased
about Israel and Denmark getting places in the final
as I think both performances were excellent and
deserved it. Latvia was a poor choice, and as for
Bloody Macedonia (and they were horribly cocky about
it in the press conference afterwards).

We have no info yet on the placings from 11 to 25, but
have been told they will be released later today (they
were originally not going to reveal them till
Saturday, presumeably after last year's cock up with
the voting).

We did get the results of the Irish jury from and
inside source at RTE, and they gave their 12 to
Denmark, with Moldova (!) getting the 10.  They didn't
give ANY votes to Hungary, which is surprising - given
that it's Riverdance part 2.

OK, Before I left I told those of you who wanted to
put bets on to go with Hungary and Malta, and I stick
by those (although, after the shock departure of the
netherlands last night, Malta's equally fab ballad
might be jepordised).

If anyone wants a good last minute bet, then put your
life savings, house, car and all of this month's
salary on Moldova each way.  I can't see this being
outside the Top 4 now - unfortunately.  So the only
recompense we can have from it is to win shedloads
when it romps home.

Or Norway might win...

In other news...

I was interviwed on Ukrainian TV yesterday afternoon.
All these TV interviews... whatever next?

This afternoon we're all for for a birthday meal for
our pal Steve, and then we're off to this evening's
dress rehearsal for the Final.

Paul, I'm waiting for your reactions! (and I had Simon
and my folks voting for Iceland too!!!)

27 degrees yesterday, and but the weather has changed
for the worse today :-( 

Ciao for now from an overcast Kyiv.

Dx (Vote for Moldova - to go home!)


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