Chicken Kiev - Part 1

12 May 2005

Dobro Dan from Kyiv!

OK - So I shall begin with an apology to our Ukrainian
hosts...  I was DREADING coming to Kyiv and, having
been here for only one day I can happily report that
this city is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!

We were met off our plane yesterday by Offical
Representatives of Ukranian TV (mostly young students
who speak perfect english).  We were then rushed
through customs and taken to our delegate coaches
which then rushed us (at 30 miles per hour!) into the
city.  Unfortunatley, ours broke down half way...  So
Robin, myself and the whole of the Dutch delegation
were sat on the motorway for an hour while they sent
us a replacement.  Never mind - the Dutch were good

Our Hotel (yes, we weren't turfed out to a tent!) is
super.  Very glam (natch!) and right next door to the
venue of the Contest.  And they have proper toilet
roll!!!  Hoorah!

8 of us walked through the city centre last night past
Independence Square where the Revolution took place in
december.  Stunning!  The main shopping street is like
a huge tree lined Parisen Boulevard with fantastic
shops and bars and restaurants - OH GOD! - Beer is 25p
a bottle!!!  A bottle of Coke is 15p!!!  We all then
went for a 3 course meal with two HUGE frozen
Margeritas each - cost per head - about 14 quid!

I am liking Kyiv VERY much!!!

Just spent the first moring in rehearsals and Austria
were fantastic, as were Portugal (FAB routine).
Lithuania were a little (by little) disappointing, and
we avoided seeing Moldova for fear of bringing up our

So far so good then!

Euroclub opens tonight - heaven help then when 3,000
screaming queens decend on the place!  The bemused
look on all the young security officers this morning
has been very funny - as you gradually saw the penny
begin to drop.

More soon from the very fab indeed Kyiv (note the
Offical new spelling - none of your old fashioned Kiev

Dopo Pachenya (ta ta in Ukranian)



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